Teacup pigs for sale in ma

Teacup Pigs For Sale. Don't be fooled by breeders taking pictures of babies at just hours old! If the Piglets don't have plenty of hair on them that is a huge warning sign about the breeder. Buyer beware of breeders that offer Weight Guarantees! They are only selling a guarantee and not a quality teacup piglet!

Search results for "teacup pigs" for sale in Massachusetts

How does shipping it work? We ship your teacup piglet to an airport to you. They airports go out of their way to make sure the teacup pigs are comfortable and arrive safe to you. See a teacup piglet you would like to adopt? Because our teacup piglets are adopted very quickly if you see a piglet that captures your heart be sure to call us as soon as possible to so you can put down deposit and reserve your teacup piggy.

We now offer financing. You can adopt a teacup pig have the piglet sent to you and have a low monthly payment.

teacup pigs for sale in ma

Estimated adult size of teacup pigs. All sizes are just estimates based adult parents. It is important that teacup piglets be kept on their diet to avoid excessive weight gain and health problems. If you see a teacup piglet you would like to adopt.

Pleas call or text More available teacup piglets are available at our Partner site. Click Here.If you have fallen in love with these adorable little pets there are probably a few questions that you may have. This is a valid question. There are a lot of hate sites and radical environmentalist that would have you believe that they are not real. Then on top of that there is all kinds of websites and articles that are devoted to telling people that teacup pigs are not real.

Truth is teacup pigs are very real. Now they wont stay the size of a teacup… They are still pigs!! They are scams. They are either selling you a pot belly pig or they are just trying to scam your personal information. This is a huge red flag!! No breeder can play God! Read the small print of their guarantee. That is right you heard me right. True breeders will give you estimates on what the grown weight will be but tell you there is still no way of predicting the exact adult weight.

The next warning is buying from local breeders. Yes you heard me right!! There are not that many REAL teacup pig breeders. First make sure the breeder accepts Credit cards or Paypal. These offer Consumer protection and will help make sure you get your teacup pig. Next make sure the breeder is willing to send you pictures or has pictures of the adult breeder pigs on their website. Finally make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are talking to. Make sure the breeder cares about the future of your teacup piglet.Our teacup piglet cost will vary depending on the color, age and the expected size whether it is micro pig or Super Micro.

These little fellows can range in size anywhere from 15 pounds to 40 LBS. We have had some grown adults end up pounds but those are extremely rare and when that happens it seems to be more random and not something we have been able to predict. We still receive emails weekly from people wanting a 5-pound full grown piglet. We have the smallest piglets in the United States and we have yet to see one grow to the size of just 5 LBS. Breeder teacup pigs tend to get larger as well.

If you are breeding a teacup pig you will want to make sure you add more food to their diet because they are eating for their piglets too. There are also different colors that typically will cost more. Pink is one of the most desired colors so pink piglets usually sell for more than a more common color like black. Juliana and Chocolate are also very desired colors.

Size is the biggest thing to consider when it comes to teacup piglets. Many competitors sell piglets forthey take pictures of these piglets are just a couple days old!!! Not only is it unhealthy for the piglet to be taken away from their mothers at a few days old, it also is very unethical for these breeders to misrepresent their piglets that way. Most people do like how cute piglets look at a couple days old.

The unethical breeders take advantage of this by posting pics of super young piglets. Young piglets that sell for that cheap typically grow up to be LBS. Be very careful of breeders that try to predict how many inches a piglet will be when they become adults. This is just a sales ploy. There are some breeders who sell pot belly pigs that they call Teacup pigs. There is even a Facebook group of pig enthusiast where their average mini pig grows to over pounds. The Breeders do love pigs and to them LBS pig is still adorable.

Pampered Piglets has been around for several years. Has a great reputation of not only having the smallest teacup piglets but also being there every step of the way to answer all your questions! We also offer financing to help so you can receive your piglets with just a down payment and make payments.

Some Sanctuaries are full of pot belly pigs that people were told were teacup pigs. Even though these pigs will be larger than a pampered piglet, a lot of them make loving pets and are in need good homes.Not a member?

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Farmia specializes in helping you buy the best quality pigs of all breeds and classes. There are absolutely no sign-up fees or hidden costs when you buy pigs online via Farmia. Buy pigs anytime, anywhere from your PC, tablet or a mobile phone.

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Teacup pigs for sale in Massachusetts

Send direct messages to any Farmia users. There are absolutely no sign-up fees or hidden costs when you sell pigs online via Farmia. With the click of a button you can increase your farm's profitability. On family farms large and small your livelihood is tied to the land and to the welfare and health of your animals.

At Farmia we want to support people like you, who are feeding our nation. Freedom is power and freedom to make choices when selling and buying pigs is your right. We are proud to connect buyers and sellers all across the country, and offer you the ability to buy and sell pigs from the comfort of your home and without the unnecessary costs of traditional trading methods.

Interested in pigs of specific gender?

teacup pigs for sale in ma

Follow the links below to see the offer. It took me less than a minute to register via facebook. I looked for piglets near me and I found those breeder weaners I wanted.

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Forgot password? Sign in. Join Farmia Already have an account? Sign in here Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. Sign up. Choose animal type Cattle Horses Pigs Sheep. Pigs for Sale Discover the best pigs for sale near you. Micro Piglets available and ready for more info Tamed and Friendly Mico Mini piglets Text Darlene Dimeo.

Laurel Merchberg. Micro Mini piglets available now for sale message Justin Case. Looking for 2 pigs to raise. Mia Sherman. Two medium size pigs.Our Animals. Animals For Sale. Contact Us. Janda Forum. Piglet for Sale. All pigs are very special and unique animals. If you understand their personalities, and quirks, owners bond to them, like the pigs were their own children. Many owners sleep with their pigs, travel with their pigs, dress them in costumes, and share every aspect of their lives, with their companions.

Piggies love to have their bellies scratched, and snuggle with their owners. Pigs are like two year old children - intelligent, curious, mischievous, and, sometimes manipulative. They are sensitive creatures that can be playful, and even humorous. They are extremely intelligent and give a lot of love and acknowledgement to their owners.

What is a "mini" pig?

teacup pigs for sale in ma

They are literally what it says, they are mini pigs! People call mini pigs lots of different names like micro minis, Juliana, teacup, mini pot belly.

They are all the same mini pigs, "smaller than your average" pig. They are super clean and litter box train easily. They have little smell to them and keep their homes clean.

Search results for "pigs" for sale in Massachusetts

They are extremely psychological pets and rely heavily on their owners for mental stimulation. This is a pet that needs your attention. Mini pigs require firm discipline from the beginning and will not be a very happy pig if they are left in a room or in a backyard all day with no interaction.Order online ship anywhere! Teacup mini pigs for sale. We offer some of the cutest teacup mini pigs in the United States! E-mail preciousteacuppigs gmail.

teacup pigs for sale in ma

You can preorder yours today with a deposit. Just let us know which litter or piglet you wish to have. If you have any questions about the next expected litter shoot us an email, a text or give us a call! We are a small, family owned mini pig farm and love to welcome new people into our pig family!

If you are able to come visit we would love to meet you! Customer service is our priority. We want you to be a confident in your purchase with us as well your new mini pig. Teacup pigs do not stay tiny and fit in a teacup as adults. Most photos you see of little pigs in teacups or other props are usually within a couple of weeks of life. On average the Juliana pig is 15 — 17 inches in height. We raise teacup mini pigs Juliana mix here on our farm. We welcome all of our customers to come out and visit our farm.

You can learn more about us and our farm on our About Us page. Thank you for visiting our website! Purchasing your new little piggy is as easy as clicking on its picture and adding it to your cart. There is much to learn about these cute little piggies and we would love to help you out!

New Mini Pig Owner? Five Things You Must Buy!

Please do your research and homework on these little piggies as there is work to be done as a responsible pet owner. Pigs are a commitment, we want our customers to be happy with their new pet so we encourage customers to please do your homework and make sure that a mini pig is the right pet for you.

All sales are final, please understand that our mini pigs are not an impulse purchase. These pigs are very potty trainable and make excellent pets if you take the time for your pig. As many things in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. Again, we have no problem answering any questions you may have for us.

We enjoy meeting new people interested in teacup pigs, regardless if you purchase one of ours. No refunds: We guarantee our piglets general health for 30 days and lifetime for genetic issues and your piglet will be replaced if something unfortunate happens. However for any other reason there will be no refunds or replacements.

But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Phone Welcome to Precious Teacup Mini Pigs We are a small, family owned mini pig farm and love to welcome new people into our pig family!

Once your piggy has been purchased it must be 8 weeks old before we can ship to you. Purchase a Piggie. Copyright PreciousTeacupPigs. Contact Us.For Sale. Real Estate. Post an Ad. Exact location 5 miles 10 miles 25 miles 50 miles miles miles. Search results for "teacup pigs" for sale in Boston, Massachusetts. Date newest first Relevance Price lowest first Price highest first. Email sashadanica6 gmail. They are very beautiful, 12 weeks old, will be pounds full grown.

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